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Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood floors, while extremely attractive in both homes and businesses, can be seriously damaged by water. This includes flooding, which can soak the floor as well as the area beneath it, or something as small as barely perceptible leaks that go unnoticed over a period of time. In fact, the most common forms of water damage in any home are the result of just this type of leak, as well as overflow from tubs and sinks. Whatever the source, it is important to act quickly to prevent moisture from soaking into the wood and sub-floor assembly.

It is important to ascertain how long the floor has been wet, and to what degree, since this if the prime indicator of just how much damage you may be dealing with. If you aren’t sure, don’t guess. Call a water damage professional as soon as possible, even if the flooding looks minor.

Most common signs of water damage to the floor include a white stain or haze on the flooring, and darker spots may indicate more serious penetration of water into wood. Boards may also dip in the center and have raised edges, indicating that there is more moisture on the bottom of the board than the top. In other case the center of the board may raise up and warp, indicating moisture on the top of the board. This is called crowning. Lastly, floors may buckle when the floor boards pull away from the sub floor.

At AFC Cleaning & Restoration, we will determine the source of the water problem and eliminate it, then dry out the area as soon as possible to avoid further damage. By addressing the problem immediately, it is far more likely that the floors can be salvaged, or that replacement boards may be kept to a bare minimum.

Repairing water damaged flooring dictates that a certain series of steps be followed and completed in the correct order, and we have the technicians with the know-how and experiences to perform a quality repair job on your home or business. By offering faster response times than our competition, we can be on site and on the job promptly, negating the possibility of long term subsequent damage to your floors or other addition problems like mold and mildew.

We locate and repair the source of the leaking water, since this is the only way to make certain that any repair efforts are going to take. Repairing water damaged flooring does little good if you still have a leak in your ceiling that allows access to your home by the elements. We address the initial problem, and then get to work cleaning up the water damage. We only use the latest industrial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers, and other devices that are needed to dry out all affected surfaces as well as the sub-floor of your home. We also provide disinfectants and antimicrobial agents that are designed to prevent the onset of mold and mildew.

If insurance is a factor, we provide comprehensive damage assessment and estimated repair costs that are designed to assist in the recovery process when it comes to filing your insurance claim.

Since 2003, AFC Cleaning & Restoration has been proudly serving both commercial and residential clients throughout the greater Kansas City area with top flight restoration and cleaning services backed by the highest quality customer care in the industry. Our team of IICRC certified technicians understands that rapid response is vital in the wake of a disaster, and the sooner we get onsite, the sooner your water or mold damage is remediated. To that end we are available 24/7/365 for all your restoration needs, and we will go the extra mile (or miles!) to make sure that your restoration project is a success. Contact AFC Cleaning & Restoration today at (913) 233-9726 for a free estimate, and let’s get your restoration project started!

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    Craig and Patti, I want to thank you and your crew for doing a terrific job on sanding and refinishing the wood floors in our living room, dining room and stairs. They had gotten so dingy, and worn out; and after five dogs over the years, they were quite scratched. Now they look fantastic, they are smooth, the color is perfect and wood grain is so rich. I am not sure I even want to put any rugs down.

    Cynthia B.