Signs You Have Water Damage in Shawnee, KS

You dread the day you wake up to a flooded bathroom, although a leak beneath the subflooring may be more of a nightmare. After all, water can do serious damage to a home and especially if the leak goes undetected. The good news is you can search your house for signs of damage due to water. Better yet, most of the signs are fairly easy to spot and clearly point at water as the cause.

From Top Down

The first place you tend to look if you suspect you have water damage in Shawnee KS is your home's pipes. However, don't overlook the possibility the water is coming from the roof. If you have an attic, inspect the ceiling and any valleys where roof planes come together. In addition, check the flashing around chimneys or roof vents. Finally, make sure the insulation is in good condition and dry to ensure your roof doesn't have a leak that's managed to escape notice.

Inspecting the Ceiling

The ceiling may seem an unlikely place to find signs of water damage, but the water can come for a couple of places. If you live in a single story house and see signs of staining on the ceiling, chances are your roof is leaking. In multilevel homes, you may have a busted or leaking pipe in the subflooring. For this reason, you should always inspect the ceilings in every room and hallways for any signs of discoloration, bubbling or cracking as all of these indicate water damage.

Study the Walls

Water stains on walls are easy to spot fortunately. That said, you should never dismiss odd colored stains as they could be a warning that the pipes behind the wall have a leak. Worse yet, the area inside of the walls is the perfect breeding ground for mold once water is added to the mix. Understanding this, search your walls for any discoloration to ensure you don't have an undetected leak. You should also look for swollen areas or cracks as these could hint at water damage in Shawnee KS as well.

Walk the Floors

A common place for pipes is beneath the floors of your home. Unfortunately, this means the floors are often damaged by leaking or busted pipes. The bad news is a leak isn't always readily visible. Nevertheless, look for any buckling or warping and especially in the basement. Finally, if you note the smell of mold, take a closer look at your floor to ensure you aren't missing a leak in the subflooring.

The Leaky Pipe

The source of a leak could be a number of things from a cracked window to a leaking roof. However, the best place to check is your pipes and especially if you suspect you might have a problem. Using a flashlight, inspect all the pipes under the sinks to ensure this isn't the source of your water problem. Then, check the pipes in the basement or under the house. You should also search your yard for any unexplained pools of water as that may be a sign of a broken pipe.

Water can ruin a floor, walls and personal property with very little effort. More importantly, a water leak within the walls can lead to a mold infestation that affects your family's health. You can prevent any of this from happening simply by searching your house for any signs of a leak or damage due to water. A quick walk through your house will provide amazing results and give you peace of mind. Call AFC Cleaning & Restoration at (913) 233-9726 today!

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